Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Video: A discussion on assault weapon violence.

Middletown CT residents, John Kilian, Robert Dutcher, and Darrell Lucas discuss the Newtown tragedy and assault weapon violence.  How do we prevent tragedies of mass killings with assault rifles from happening?  Is the problem the weapon? Is it the people who surround the weapon?  Is it the media and entertainment that influence our society?  The answer may be that all of those factors contribute to the problem.

This is the first video about this subject.  Another is being planned where the guests are strong supporters of gun ownership and the second amendment.

Since this video has been made some ideas we discussed I have altered my opinion on.  An example would be NOT using security guards but a full time police officer to be posted at a school. If that decision is made.

Side note: This is the first video I made with this type of format.  The more I do the better they will get.  Also 22 mins a little too long.  I would rather keep a segment down to 10-15 mins.  Also if you or someone you know have something that you want to talk about publicly then please feel free to contact me.


Mr B. said...

Well great opening to the discussion. Notice to that gunshops and licensing (permit to carry) qualification training has risen due to fear of citizens ability to obtain them because of possible stricter laws an regulations. Be alert to this and pay attention to future "home security seekers" mishaps. People need to know that in pursuance of a fire arm comes much advanced home security tactic training and routine practice with the weapon.

Mr B. said...

Keep the dialog going fellas. There is a lot to discuss.