Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Art For Haiti on display through this month features many Middletown Artists

Have you ever been in Eli Canon's Tap Room and thought, “Who makes all these funky looking flyers? What is up with this menu – did someone write this by hand or is this an actual font?” Have you ever thought, isn't there some place in Middletown I can go to see sunsets that look like the ones in the movies, the sunsets that people post pictures of on Facebook after returning from a trip to Florida or the Caribbean?” 

The answers to these questions and more might dawn on you at the Art for Haiti exhibit currently on display at Hartford ArtSpace Gallery on Asylum Street. The opening reception was this past Saturday night and the gallery was packed with a Middletown crowd including WESU FM radio station manager Ben Michael at the DJ table, Bum with Broom Fred Carroll, and a fabulous and delicious display by Nora Cupcake Company. The art on display showcases many different media and styles and includes the work of many Middletown residents.

Click here to see details about the artists and exhibit. This web page was created for the opening reception, which already happened, but the art will be on display throughout January. More information about the location is also available at http://www.artspacect.com/

Pictured at right: Middletown artists Pierre Sylvain and David Bauer. David's photography can be seen in the background. On the post to the right of Pierre's face there's a glimpse of a sign written by Phil Ouelette, the owner of Eli Canon's, who lent his distinctive penmanship to all the signs throughout the gallery describing the artwork. In the description he wrote for his own work, Phil noted that he does not consider himself to be an artist. His sculpture-collage-tower is on display so you can decide for yourself. 

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