Thursday, January 10, 2013

Argentine Tango Series: Ready, Set, Go! at Vinnies

1-3pm: Tango 101 - Each month this class will cover fundamental elements that make up Argentine Tango. This class is geared for beginners and for others who want to brush up on their fundamentals for better control of their skills in more advanced material. The three critical leading and following elements are parallel and crossed system walking, forward and back ochos, and grapevine or molinete.

3-5pm: Tango 102 - Tango 102 will cover the fun applications that define the multiple expressive possibilities for both leader and follower in Argentine Tango. This class is geared for people who have some basic experience with Argentine Tango. Tango 101 students are welcome to also take the 102 class. Applications over the 3 months will include sandwiches, paradas, sacadas, boleos, trading center and circumference roles, planeos and calisitas, barridas, ganchos, and dancing to tango, milonga and vals music.

5-6pm: Guided Practica - The Guided Practica after the classes will be opportunity to practice material from the classes and get more individual feedback from the instructor.

General: $30 for both classes and practica when pre-registered. $20 per class at the door
Students and seniors: $25 for both classes when pre-registered, $18 per class at the door

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