Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why I Am Voting Yes to South Fire District by Apryl Dudley

This OPINION was submitted by Apryl Dudley and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Eye or its authors.
I have lived in South Farms for just over 20 years. I decided to stay in this district because the neighborhoods are nice, the schools are the best in the district and we have a fire department near by.

Several years ago I injured myself and needed to call South Fire District. I was home with my two young children when the fire department arrived. Four fire man came in, three came to aid me and the other went over to assure my children that, “Mommy was going to be ok.” I was amazed on how attentive they were to me but also to my children who were obviously scared. Before I left in an ambulance the fireman gave my children a stuffed animal for comfort.

When my children entered school, each year during safety week, South Fire District comes with Sparky and The Friendly Monster. They talk to the children about the importance of fire safety, not to be scared of the Friendly Monster if he comes into your house and send them home with a message for parents to check the batteries in the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

South Fire District also has an Adopt-A-Firefighter Program for all third grade students. A fireman comes to the classroom and teaches students about fire safety and bike safety.

This past fall, my family attended South Fire District’s Fire Safety Open House. There were an overwhelming number of booths, crafts, games, snacks, fire trucks, ambulances and fire equipment for parents and children to enjoy.

South Fire District holds multiple fundraising events for local charities. The one event I was involved in this year was the “Adopt –A-Family” Program. This program is for families who have fell into hard times and receive food and presents for Christmas donated by local businesses and the fire department. I helped wrap gifts and rode the bus during the delivery. It was so heart warming to see the families faces when we arrived. The fire trucks all lined up decorated in lights, the Middletown High School band and chorus singing Christmas Carols as we brought in presents one by one into the families homes and placed them under the tree.

South Fire District is not only here to help us in an emergency, they are also here helping our community. To vote yes, we will keep our district safe and help our community. Please help save our fire department.



Anonymous said...

Oh Apryl- your fire department isn't going away! And putting out fires is what they are supposed to do! The issues with CVH needs to be solved before more money is thrown at this fire department to put on fuzzy costumes to entertain your kids. sheesh. Scary lack of logic.

Wendy Sheil said...

I thank God every day for the So Fire Dept. We had a house fire last year, Easter day, and they were at our home in less than 10 mins. after we discovered the fire raging in the attic. They were terrific and saved our home. So glad they are so close by and worth every dime. We moved back in this past weekend. Thank you so fire! On my way to vote YES!

Anonymous said...

An amazing show of support for the South Fire District! Goes to show that CVH wasn't an issue, a miniscule mil rate increase wasn't an issue, and Dan Penney STILL isn't an issue.
Too bad 475 people just don't get it.