Sunday, March 13, 2011


If I were a churchgoer (I'm not, so it probably means I would never be approved to be Chief of Police), then I would probably know that John Hall has announced his resignation as minister of First Church as of June.

I learned of the news in the Church of Facebook.

John has always been active in the church and in the community, and will remain involved in the Jonah Center, of which he is a founding member.

The Eye wishes him well, and hopes he remains active in Middletown.

In another transition, at the Middletown Patch, Cassandra Day, former Middletown Press editor, has stepped in as editor/reporter/advertising salesperson for the online daily which is part of the vast AOL network.  Mike McCune, who has been editor since the Patch opened for business in town, has decided to step down.


Anonymous said...

What a way to insert your own little agenda as you announce Mr. Hall's resignation. A tad self-serving, wouldn't you say?

Elizabeth Bobrick said...

I read this posting three times to see the agenda Anonymous referred to, and so far it has escaped me. I don't know Mr. Hall, but I do know that he works to improve our community. I guess that thanking him was the agenda.

I begin to understand why some people prefer to remain anonymous when they write these postings.

Tree Fanatic said...

Dear Anonymous 8:13 -- And what is your Big Agenda? I read the Eye because I enjoy getting local news, ideas and opinions. I really appreciate people like Ed who spend time communicating the news I would not otherwise find in the "local" press. So no, I would not agree that Ed's piece on John Hall or on the Patch was self-serving in the least.

Anonymous said...

I think that anonymous was referring to the little dig about the police chief. A dig that I think was well placed, fair and not veiled at all. If you don't like it you can head back to the press. Don't blame us when you miss half the news.

joseph getter said...

I have a comment about the form of the posting (not the content). This actually applies to the entire Eye.

When I started to read this post, I saw the headline, "Transitions", then saw John Hall's photo (and I do know who he is and what he does for Middletown). And then I began to read, "If I were a churchgoer (I'm not...", etc.

That's just plain confusing. John Hall wouldn't write that.

The problem here, and throughout the Eye, is that there isn't a byline (writer's name and title) at the top of the post.

With the Eye, the byline is at the bottom of the post, and I can't count the number of times I've thought an article needed that name at the top, as a way to immediately clarify who had written the piece. Is there any way to change this in the blogger layout?

I'll just post a link to another community news site (not really a blog), The New Haven Independent:, as an example of a local news site that does a great job (in my opinion) in terms of layout and design (not to mention it's a good read to learn about New Haven, where I work).

Fishmuscle (Stephen H. Devoto) said...

The layout options we have with blogspot are limited. However, it is possible to poster's name at the top, and I have done that.

I think it's a good idea, now we'll see who disagrees.

joseph getter said...

Thanks, Fishmuscle, for giving it a try. I like the change.

Susanne Fusso said...

I too was startled to find out that John was not a church-goer. Glad that was cleared up.