Thursday, July 24, 2008

Draft Common Council resolution opposing Army Reserve Training Center on Boardman Lane

It appears that the Middletown Common Council is preparing to propose, debate and vote on a resolution to oppose building an Army Reserve Training Center on Boardman Lane, in the Westfield section of Middletown.

In a draft of the resolution obtained by the Middletown Eye, the town is calling the Boardman Lane site "completely unsuitable," and supports the use of city resources to assist in preventing the use of Boardman Lane.

Citing concerns about wetlands, water pressure, site grading of the property, traffic, destruction of protected species, loss of historic farm property, the Army's rejection of alternative "suitable sites," and National Environmental regulations, the resolution will be offered for debate at the next meeting of the Common Council on Monday August 4.

The mayor, council members, and concerned residents will be meeting on Monday July 28 with Representative Rosa Delauro to discuss opposition to the plans of the Army Reserve and the Army Corps of Engineers.


Anonymous said...


The Westfield residents have been enlisted as pawns in the City’s game to continue its sprawling, destructive development objectives at the expense of the Army and open space. I say, do not be deceived!

Jasper Cane

Anonymous said...

Hey, the City should further resolve to buy this property for Open Space and preserve and protect it for the future benefit of all the residents of Middletown. The heck with that silly IT Zone. Maybe it could use the mega millions it hopes to receive from the Kleen Energy Plant on River Road for this important environmental acquisition?

Anonymous said...

Where is the meeting going to take place? Can anyone attend?

Anonymous said...

The next public meeting is August 4th, 7:00 pm in the Common Council chamber at town hall.

August 27th is the tentative date for a meeting between residents and the Army representatives.

Info can be obtained at