Thursday, July 24, 2008

Army Reserve Training Base to be subject of radio interview

Stephen Devoto, acting secretary of the Westfield Residents Association will appear on the Ray and Diane morning talk show Friday, on WTIC AM (1080 AM), at 8:20 a.m.

Devoto will be discussing the WRA opposition to building an Army Reserve Training Center on Boardman Lane in Westfield.

The Hartford Courant is also expected to publish an article on the topic on Friday.

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Anonymous said...


Geography and geology persuaded the Army that the City's selections in Maromas were not suitable. Perhaps the same elemental forces will repel them in Westfield. Unlike the wilderness of Maromas, Westfield is very fortunate to have a large group of articulate and informed neighbors. Unlike Maromas, Westfield was not selected by the City as a suitable alternative site. The City's selection criteria ensured that the sites would be in Maromas since they were chosen from a list from which all properties with industrial potential were excluded. To date there has not been an opportunity for public discussion of the City's two selected sites. I find this disturbing. The City Planner has repeatedly stated that the Boardman Lane site had been rejected by the Army in January.... Why does the City have to be so wishy washy on this issue, kowtowing to pressures for development, saying they welcome the honor of yet another tax burden as long as the Army will develop a place no ordinary idiot would otherwise consider? Dogged patriot that I am, I believe that the Army needs and deserves the best site in Central Connecticut rather than yet another planning disaster within Middletown's City limits. Citizens from all parts of the City should get together on this issue. The City leadership has demonstrated a deplorable lack of leadership. And for one influential neighborhood in an important industrial area to enlist City approval against another area inhabited by birds and forests is further evidence of this vacuum. Let's seize the opportunity to get together on this important issue and persuade the Army to make a regional search.

Jasper Cane