Friday, July 11, 2008

Public + Garden

It's the first time I've ever seen an outdoor, upright piano in the park at the corner of Main & Green, but it felt (and sounded) just right as the The Goldies played their funky R&B on Thursday night in the first of the Summer in the Garden concert series at the Luis Lopez Herb Garden.

The music was smooth, and we stayed for nearly the whole concert, sometimes dancing, sometimes talking with friends. For the second time in as many weeks I met a new, friendly & simpatico family from the North End...except that in both cases it seems they've been here quite a while and I just haven't been paying attention! Or maybe these summer concerts are doing their job of getting all of us out of our houses and into each other's company.

Although this photo shows that some people in the neighborhood were able to stay home and still come to the show.

After that we took our brood and one of their friends to the Public, a new place that just opened next to Forbidden City. My teens oohed and ahhed over the downtown (and I mean that in the NYC sense of the word) look, and approved the sound track. Looks like this place (along with Eli's and Nikita's) might be a nice draw for all those young adults that we're hoping won't flee Central CT. We wanted to be supportive on the opening night of the kitchen, so we ordered a few appetizers. You can see how fast the French Fries went.

By 10 pm we were winding down, but the street scene was still lively, especially over at Javapalooza, where they have adopted a new advertising strategy.

Nice night on Main Street.

NOTE: There are three more summer concerts in the herb garden are on intermittent Thursdays, sponsored by the Community Health Center...details to follow.

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