Thursday, July 24, 2008

Last Chance To See Shakespeare at MXCC (despite the rain!)

ARTFARM's Shakespeare in the Grove is quickly approaching its final weekend. Today "Twelfth Night" will be performed at Middlesex Community College at 7 pm, with live music (Banning Eyre and Dirck Westervelt) playing at 6 pm.

Granted, this is all supposed to be outside. This worked beautifully for last weekend's shows, but if the gray skies and rain aren't enough to spoil an outdoor event, the other problematic things ARTFARM has had to tackle are. I'll give you the inside scoop (as administrative intern, a lot goes on that I find myself in the middle of).

The bad weather today is the biggest issue. Just today we got notice that a large light fixture in the space outdoors fell (and broke a bit)! We've been getting calls from prospective audience members about whether the show will go on or not. Luckily it will! We have an indoor rain location on campus at Middlesex Community College.

Unfortunately, there's no way we can transport the beautiful set the the designer, crew, and countless volunteers have tirelessly worked on to get it ready in time. So this is where the real magic of theater must come in. It'll just be the audience and the actors in an intimate space. Both parties will have to imagine the gloriously feminine and ornate chambers of Lady Olivia and the rich, marbled walls of Duke Orsino's estate.

There is no doubt that this will be a very new and unforgettable experience, however. An age-old form of storytelling, theater didn't always have wondrous sets and lighting. So hopefully the audience will let their imaginations run wild and make the best of the weather.

In addition to tonight's show, "Twelfth Night" will also be performed at 7 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Live music will also be performed at 6 pm before every show. We're hoping for better weather so bring a picnic blanket and some chairs for those other days!

And to any people curious about the musical talents of the weekend, the musical headliners will be: Friday - Mixashawn, Saturday - Dave Downs, and Sunday - Dadon and Peter Moore.

Don't miss out on ARTFARM's EcoFestival being held on Sunday at 4 pm until right before the performance begins. Last week's was fabulous and this upcoming one is sure to please. There will be bread bakers (free bread samples!), craftspeople, face painting, live music (a Bluegrass band featuring Todd & Brian Stevens and also 45 Rpm who are Phil & Ken Faraci), a circus performance by ARTFARM's Circus For a Fragile Planet, and various eco-vendors.

So, please don't miss out on "Twelfth Night" and all of the other exciting events we offer this weekend! I thoroughly enjoyed this show, which is filled with so much great acting and laughter. There is so much to be said about Shakespeare and his universal appeal. And this, by far, is one of the most stellar performance of "Twelfth Night" that you will ever see. This is a free event but there is a suggested (and greatly appreciated!) donation of $10.00. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to visit or give ARTFARM a call at 346-4390. (All pictures taken by John Giamatteo)

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