Monday, July 21, 2008

MAC650: An art space

My name is Justin Liberman, I am a member of the North End Artist Cooperative located at 650 Main St. We own and operate MAC650: An Art Space. We are working hard at broadening our exposure throughout the community and would love to join forces with the Middletown Eye to help spread the word. We renovated the art space over the winter and are working hard on bringing a wide variety of programming to the gallery starting in Sept. We have lined up for the fall, an open forum art show titled “Art Without Judges”, several photography exhibits, film screenings, and acting workshops. We will keep you informed on all of our events. We also recently started the MAC650 Blog Spot at I contribute a weekly blog dedicated to cinema related musings called The Celluloid Roll. (I am a film director) If you could please post a link or an article about us, that would be really great. Also, I did read a week or so ago about me screening my films at the Green Street Art Center. It was a cool posting, thank you for supporting both myself and green Street. I also wanted to let you know that I was interviewed by NPR’s Where We Live with John Dankovsky about the budding film industry in CT. A nice topic to look at in preparation for the upcoming film shoot on main St. You can hear the interview here.

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