Monday, November 18, 2019

The Buttonwood Tree Sometimes Scores Big!

Zach Brock
The Slambovian Underground at The Buttonwood Tree
in Middletown,
Sunday, December 1, 7 pm

(5 pm show is SOLD OUT)


SNARKY PUPPY with Zack BROCK at the Royal Albert Hall, 2019.

Now they're at The Buttonwood Tree.
Then they're at the
Royal Albert Hall.

You probably missed the night when violinist ZACK BROCK cast his spell at The Buttonwood Tree—The Buttonwood Tree on Main St. in Middletown, with The Matisse Jazz Project in October 2018.   

The Matisse Jazz Project, musical impressions inspired by iconic cut-paper collages of French artist Henri Matisse, was composed by pianist Christopher Bakriges. Mr. Bakriges attended Wesleyan University--and his group played to a full house that night. I remember it well, because I was there for that stunning show with Christopher Bakriges & Zack Brock. But probably you were not. 

So where were you that night? Do you even remember? And what do you know or think about The Buttonwood Tree, anyway?  Is it down the street from you? Across the tracks & around the corner from you?  Is it above you? ... Is it beneath you? If that's what you think, perhaps you'd best think again.

Zack Brock, virtuoso jazz violinist, who played at  Buttonwood in 2018, last week was front and center on the world stage at the Royal Albert Hall (yes, the one, in London), with Snarky Puppy, a Grammy-award winning, genre-bending band, known for a mixture of composition, harmony, & improv. The group features 8-12 musicians from a rotating cast, reshaping each show as they follow their worldwide tour.

So how about that, Middletown? How about that, WES?  The Buttonwood Tree might be just around the corner, but how about having a look!  You might just see or see the Next Big Thing over at Main and Liberty at The Buttonwood Tree — maybe The Slambovian Underground.

Slambovian Underground, Sunday, December 1, at 8 pm at The Buttonwood Tree
in Middletown

The Matisse Jazz Project

from The Buttonwood Tree
October 7, 2018, 6-8:00 pm


Snarky Puppy Live Album
from Royal Albert Hall Performance
November 14th, 2019
Royal Albert Hall
Kensington Gore, London, U.K.


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