Saturday, November 30, 2019

Genealogy Club - Godfrey Memorial Library

Saturday, December 7, 2019
9:30 - 11:00 am
134 Newfield Street, Middletown, CT
Topic:  “Hidden Discoveries about Your Civil War Kin”
Speaker:  Clay Feeter, of Find Your Civil War Ancestor

"Your Civil War ancestors' stories are always much deeper than the few lines about them that you might—or might not!—find in your family genealogy book," says researcher Clay Feeter, who will give an informative talk and visual presentation on the subject.

Even if all your genealogy book says is "Killed in the War of the Rebellion," you will learn how to use those sometimes dry and hard-to-understand facts to bring your soldier-ancestor’s story to life.

Learn about the challenges and hardships of the Civil War. Not only did our Civil War soldier-ancestors suffer during that great conflict, but their families at home had it just as hard … running the farm and taking care of the kids, canning food or making socks to send to the boys on the front line.

Before attending the talk, you will want to research your family history. Most Civil War-age men were born between1815-1847. Try to find out where they fought, marched, were wounded, captured, and even where they died. Many of our kin may have fought at the same famous battles, or maybe even side by side in the same regiment! This is all valuable information to pass on to the next generations, so bring a pen and notepad.

Free to Godfrey Premium members.  $10 per session for all others.  Open to the general public.  Attendees will have time after the presentation to do research at the library.

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