Friday, November 1, 2019

Free Screening of Ice on Fire, Monday, November 4

Please join us on Monday, November 4, 7pm at Middlesex Community College for a screening of Ice on Fire. The film is open to the public and free of charge. An informal discussion will follow the film.

Ice on Fire is about climate change and solutions designed to slow down our escalating  environmental crisis. It highlights firsthand accounts from people at the forefront of the climate crisis, with insights from scientists, farmers, innovators and others (  Examples shown in the film include an ocean farm off the Connecticut coast (Thimble Island Ocean Farm), where shellfish and seaweed that are grown soak up more carbon than land-based plants and can be used for food, animal feed and fertilizer.

The screening is part of The Elements: An Annual Environmental Film Series, which is co-sponsored by the Connecticut River Coastal Conservation District, Middlesex Community College, Middletown Garden Club, The Rockfall Foundation, and Wesleyan University's Center for the Arts, College of the Environment, and College of Film and the Moving Image.

We hope to see you there!

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Tree Fanatic said...

I strongly urge people who don't believe in man-made climate change to come to this film. The post-film conversations are always stimulating, and I often learn a great deal from both the discussion leader and the other commenters. It might be a good add-on to the various mayoral fora, where there is rarely sufficient time for discussions of a single topic, such as the environment. Ben? Seb? Council candidates? What could be more restful than coming out to a movie on election eve?