Saturday, November 9, 2019

Celebrating the Unique Life of Roy Lisker

Sunday, November 10, from 3-6 at The Buttonwood Tree, come learn about and celebrate the life of a truly unusual man.  Roy Lisker made Middletown his home for the last decades of his life.  Many Middletown residents remember the elderly gentleman of a professorial mien who walked from Liberty Commons to Russell Library to Klekolo to Wesleyan.

To quote from the program below, "Roy Lisker (1938-2019) was an author, a mathematician, a violinist, a composer, a sound poet, a playwright, a visual artist, a busker, a Francophile, a draft resister, a jailbird, a board member of The Buttonwood Tree, an active supporter of NEAT, a fierce and opinionated critic, a terrific but somewhat mercurial friend, a sometime social worker, a literary entrepreneur, a sort-of Buddhist, a cantankerous curmudgeon with a fabulous sense of humor, and God only knows what else."

There will be slides, spoken word, and music (including a piece composed for the occasion by Neely Bruce and played by the West End String Quartet).  The event is free; a donation is requested to support The Buttonwood Tree.

Roy Lisker at a North End cleanup event

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