Monday, August 10, 2015

Primary Election To Determine Democratic Nominees For Council - UPDATED

Hope Kasper has collected the required number of signatures to be on the ballot in a Democratic primary election for Common Council.

Kasper has served 4 terms on the Council. However, she was not renominated by the Democratic Town Committee, after disagreeing with Mayor Daniel Drew on funding for the city's pension fund and on reducing the qualifications for firefighters. As of Monday evening, she had turned in 499 signatures of registered Democratic voters, 10 more than the required number. She will face 6 other incumbents, and Council newcomers Gene Nocera and Rob Blanchard in a primary on September 16th, in a race to determine the 8 Democratic nominees for the general election.

Three others are collecting signatures to be on the primary ballot, Sean King and Susanne Wesoloski wish to be on the ballot for the Board of Education, and Steven Kovach also wishes to be on the ballot for the Common Council.  They, and any others not endorsed by the Democratic party have until Wednesday to collect the sufficient number of signatures of registered Democrats.

Board of Education petitioners King and Wesoloski are nearing their goal of 489 signatures with each submitting more than 400 as of Monday.

Disclaimer: I collected some signatures for Kasper's primary petition.

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