Tuesday, August 11, 2015

OPINION: Calling All Democrats (and other things I never thought I'd say)

It should come as no surprise to the readers that my posts lean a certain way.  If you are thinking either Republican or Democrat, then you are wrong on both accounts.  My posts will almost always encourage the support of the Middletown Public Schools, and more specifically the children who attend said schools. That is why, despite being a registered Republican, I am giving my endorsement to a petitioning candidate, Sean King.

Sean, despite being a consumer advocate on the State level and a child advocate on the local level, was inexplicably passed up by his party while seeking a nomination to run for Board of Education. Apparently, from what I have been told, Mr. King a registered Democrat, as well as other interested parties, were actually passed up for the nomination in favor of an "un-affiliated" candidate.  This, an apparent oversight (or was it?), can and should be looked into at another time.  Saying more than that would take away from the point of this opinion piece.  I have never been successful in trying to figure out the ways of the Dems in this town, but I do feel they missed the boat with Sean who has a good handle on what is needed for our city's most valuable asset. Here is just a brief excerpt from a recent conversation I had with Mr. King:

"As you know, I feel that our schools are not receiving an adequate share of Middletown's increasing prosperity. I also think that our schools are very good and provide excellent educational opportunities to our children, but unfortunately, they are underrated, which has caused families to move out of Middletown or find other ways to place their children outside of Middletown schools when their children become school-aged.  Middletown as a whole is not a wealthy community, but we can attract and keep more wealth in Middletown if we can improve the perception of our schools and make the system more desirable for families who are able to exercise more discretion on where to live or send their children to school.  Part of the solution lies in boosting closing our achievement gap, starting with finding creative ways to set kids up for success very early and breaking down barriers to early learning that exist both inside and outside of schools."

So, why do I need the help from Middletown Democrats?  Sean, is collecting 500 signatures to force a primary.  He needs them by 4pm on Wednesday (August 12th). He is well on his way but can use your help.  All signees need to be registered democrats (ironic)

You have a chance to meet and speak to Sean Tuesday at a Board of Education Redistricting Sub-Committee meeting. Sean is a Parent Volunteer on the committee, further proof of his commitment to the district.  At the point of publication, the meeting is scheduled for 5:30 at the Hunting Hill BOE building.  If that doesn't work for you please coordinate with Sean directly, he will be around looking for signatures. With his permission, he can be reached at seankingesq@gmail.com or 203-915-7588. 

I have always taken the stance that we need to try and keep politics out of the schools as much as possible, although admittedly that is hard to do. So, the next best thing in my opinion, put the right people in a position to succeed.  Sean King is that right person, even if he is a Democrat. (That's a joke people)

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Brian K


Anonymous said...

I don't think people should be encouraged to use a BOE committee meeting as a political podium and election "opportunity". This town is already too political.

Stephen H. Devoto said...

I would be interested in learning whether the Town Committee endorsed candidates have EVER even BEEN to a Board of Education meeting. Sadly, both political parties frequently nominate people who have never attended the board or commission that they are supposedly interested in serving on.