Thursday, July 24, 2008

The army digs its heels in

(The Army's Diane McCartin- Pearce Pinch, file photo)

And so it begins.

Residents of Westfield have voiced their opposition to siting an Army Reserve Training Center in Westfield on Boardman Lane.

According to a report in the Middletown Press today, the Army Corps of Engineers is "adamant" about building the center in the Westfield section, despite a letter from Representative Rosa DeLauro which cites several reasons why the location is undesirable.

The Corp's Diane McCartin addressed the objections, but her responses, as reported by the Press are less than convincing. The Army "promises" traffic studies (and we are to believe the results of a traffic study conducted by the army?). The Army is convinced the center will be an economic boon to Middletown (though it will take the property off the tax base, be located closer to commercial districts in Cromwell and Meriden, and only concedes that local businesses will be "allowed to bid" on services needed at the Center).

McCartin also insists that the law requires the center to be built in Middletown, though as several knowledgeable people have pointed out, that's true only if a "suitable site" is found. When a townspeople agrees that the chosen site is not suitable, I would think it's not suitable.

DeLauro is upset at the inflexibility of the Army. If you think the Army is inflexible now, consider what will happen once they acquire a site.

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Anonymous said...

I object to Congresswoman Delauro's description of the two alternative sites selected by the City of Middletown in Maromas as "suitable". These two sites are not suitable. They are not suitable for the same objections that disqualified the Freeman Road site.The extension of sewers into rural areas, sprawl and destruction of open space are just the beginning of the inappropriateness. This is not to imply that Boardman Lane is more suitable. It only reinforces the great difficulty, perhaps impossibility, of putting the Gigantic Square Peg of an Army facility into the Cramped Small Hole of the City of Middletown.
Jasper Cane