Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Lesser Wins Democratic Primary For Senate District 9 By a Wide Margin

Unofficial and preliminary results:

Matt Lesser    4749
Tony Guerrera   3816


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Todd Berch said...

Matt, as a former treasurer of one of your successful campaigns for state representative and a friend I applaud the electors, you, your campaign staff and especially the volunteers for your victory. On to November !

Jim Fellows said...

You worked hard, Matt, and your record speaks for itself. It was good to see at least one unendorsed candidate was able to overcome the odds. I think we need to start challenging some of those endorsements as a matter of course, and early in the campaign. I only discovered Tong's career long dedication to CEOs, venture capital, and very his prominent work as a leading mergers and acquisitions attorney a few days before the ekection. Clearly, basic information is being witheld from voters if an amateur like myself can easily find something in a few hours that no one else is reporting.