Tuesday, May 9, 2017

GOP Chair Questions Bysiewicz' Real Intentions - RecordJournal

In today's Record Journal, Mike Savino reports on comments from GOP chair J.R. Romano speculating that Susan Bysiewicz might be gauging interest in a run for statewide office. But he also gives a good overview of the residency requirements (such as they are) that would apply to the lifelong Middletown resident's pending campaign for the 13th district senate seat.  It's currently held by Republican Len Suzio.

The election is 18 months away, but the Senate is currently evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, 18-18 and the 13th has been a swing district for several election cycles. The campaigns are likely to get lots of attention.

Bysiewicz is holding a fundraiser at the Inn At Middletown tomorrow (Wednesday) night.
The 13th Senate District (in green), and
the 9th (in brown). Click to enbiggen.



Anonymous said...

What a BS article. So what if she may have ambition to run for Governor. I don't understand why that is even an issue. Perhaps it wouldn't be such an issue if she had testicles? She has declared that she'd liked to run for state senate. More power to her! She obviously has a keen interest in public service, particularly in the political realm. There are many options and opportunities. We should applaud her tenacity and open mindedness. As usual, republicans have no capacity for either. They think they're throwing shade, when in reality they're exposing their bias in direct light for all to see.

Paul Torop said...

i'd be happy if she would run for Govwenor.