Friday, May 13, 2016

Lesser Opposes State Budget Deal

From House Democrats Press Office
House Meets Friday To Discuss Plan

The Senate today voted 21 to 15 in favor of a state budget package.

State Representative Matthew Lesser issued the following statement on the Fiscal Year 2017 budget:

“Although I am pleased that the final budget significantly reduces the impact on Middletown, I am still not able to support it. It does not do enough to protect the working families and taxpayers I was elected to represent. Weeks ago I asked Democratic leadership to pick a date other than Friday, and if I were present I would vote ‘no’.”

Rep. Lesser is out of state at a conference where he is a featured speaker on Connecticut’s Student Loan Bill of Rights.

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Palin Smith said...

Lesser was conveniently absent. Coward doesn't deserve reelection.