Saturday, January 2, 2016

Discover Russell Library...with Shakespeare! A Scavenger Hunt!

One of the signs for the scavenger hunt.
The Shakespeare Scavenger Hunt at Russell Library begins today and runs through the month of January! Play to receive a stamp in the Shakespeare 400 Passport, and/or a voucher for a free book from one of the Friends' Book Sales.
What do you need to do?
Ask for a clue sheet, available at the Check-in Desk and at the upstairs Information Desk.
Each of the ten clues leads you to a place in the library where a sign gives you a quote from one of Shakespeare's plays. Write the play, act and scene listed in bold on the sign. When you've completed the clue sheet, you can turn it in at the upstairs Information Desk for your prize.

Frequently Asked Questions:  
1. Do you need to be a certain age to play?
Answer: No. Anyone of any age who can read the clues can play. The game is geared to adults, but all are welcome.

2. Do you need to know anything about Shakespeare?
Answer: No. You will learn about Shakespeare playing the game!

3. What is the Shakespeare 400 Passport? 
Answer: The Shakespeare 400 Passport is a state-wide celebration to honor the quartercentenary of Shakespeare's death. The entire project was designed by ArtFarm. Passports are available at the Information Desk of Russell Library.
4. Is it too late to begin to stamp the Shakespeare 400 Passport? 
Answer: No. There are still events for which you will receive stamps. The Shakespeare 400 Passport runs through May 15, 2016.

5. When does the free book voucher expire? 
Answer: The free book voucher is good for all the Friends' Book Sales throughout 2016! 

5. When can I participate? 
Answer: Whenever the library is open, throughout the month of January 2016! 

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