Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Recently the City of Middletown Water and Sewer Department has been contacted by several residents who report they have received calls from the Water Department asking to set up an appointment for the Department to test their water. We typically do not contact residents to schedule water quality tests unless the resident has first contacted us relative to a problem they may be experiencing. The Water Department does not make those kinds of calls and residents should be aware that this is a potential scam for people to gain access to their property and/or home.

If you have caller identification on your phone and the phone number is out of state, this should be the first clue that this is a scam. Do not give out any information and please make note of the phone number and the time and date of the call.

As stated earlier, the only way the water department would make an appointment to visit your house would be if you called us because of a water quality complaint and/or for a meter change-out appointment. All Water Department employees are required to show their City-issued Identification Cards if asked, and all employees drive vehicles clearly marked with City of Middletown decals on the doors. Also, the license plates on the vehicles all end in MN (for Middletown).

A reason for not needing access to individual homes for water testing is that the water department has routine sampling sites citywide that are approved by the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health, and that comply with Federal EPA requirements. The Water Department tests water samples daily at our facilities, and weekly we test citywide, as required by law. In total, the Water Department conducts approximately 50,000 separate water quality tests each year.

If you have a question regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to contact the water department directly at 860-638-3500.  

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