Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cat Tales ~ Cats of the Week ~ SUZIE and Q, a beautiful bonded pair!

Cat Tales ~ Cats of the Week

SUZIE Q (a bonded pair of mother/daughter)

Gender:  Females                                                   
Breed:  Abyssinians
Color:  Brown Tabbys
Ages:  4 (Suzie) , 6 (Q)

We are beautiful girls who were rescued from a bad hoarding situation. We are mother and daughter. Our home was very dirty and we were all very under weight. We are now thriving and doing very well! See us playing around at Cat Tales?  We are not used to being picked up, but will let you hold us for short periods of time. We love attention and will seek you out for love and cuddles. We'd love to sleep with you at night and curl up with you on the couch. We need a home without small children.  Please adopt us today!

Phone:  860-344-9043

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CatTalesCT.org said...

Cat Tales is removing from the adoption advertisement as they were adopted this evening. We will feature a cute, playful kitten, Annie!