Monday, October 12, 2015

City's Ozone Levels Worse In The Past Year

The number of days that the ozone pollution in Connecticut was above the national standard has increased dramatically in recent years. According to the latest data from the Environmental Protection Agency, Middletown is one of the worst cities in the state for ground level ozone.

Most ground level ozone pollution comes from the burning of gasoline, coal, propane, natural gas, and oil, for electricity, heat, and transportation. Prevailing winds can bring ozone from fossil fuels power plants in other localities. Valleys can keep the ozone from dispersing.

In the latest reporting period, Middletown had 7 days in which the ozone level exceeded the national standard of 75 parts per billion.


Anonymous said...

Install a big fan on the arrogoni bridge and blow the ozone to Cromwell

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it's all that hot air exhaust coming out of elected official's mouths.