Wednesday, September 23, 2015

State Cuts Aid To City By $200k

According to CTNewsJunkie, the Malloy administration has made emergency cuts of $15M in municipal aid. These cuts are part of $103M cuts in response to a anticipated drop in state revenue following the fall of the stock market.

Middletown, which received a very large increase in municipal aid from the Malloy administration, will see a loss of $200,000 on the revenue side of its own budget for this year.


Anonymous said...

Here comes the tax increase, and it will be more than the loss of $200K, but hidden.

John Milardo said...

And Dan's his buddy! If not anything, it just goes to show you "what friends are for!"

Bill Wilson said...

What else is new. There goes the .1 mill rate decrease that was passed by the council.