Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Labor Day Weekend at The Buttonwood Tree

Labor Day Weekend at The Buttonwood Tree

Friday, September 4

The Dr. Steve Band

"Mind-bending, Original Groove Music"

8pm, $10

Noted for it's catchy grooves, trippy lyrics and top-notch musicianship, The Dr. Steve Band is fronted by psychologist/singer/songwriter Steven Prasinos. He writes "songs that make you think, laugh and cry (Hi5NetTV)." Mike Gieralt plays lead guitar, Gary Gieralt is on bass and Eugene Zampieron provides percussion. There will be foot tapping, soul searching and belly laughing. Come hear "The Duck in the Truck and the Cow in the Now," "Twisted Men," and "My Third Eye."
For more information go to drstevesongs.com.

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Saturday, September 5


"Gypsy Flamenco Swing"

8pm, $12

The New Hampshire trio Ameranouche (pronounced ‘uh-Mare-uh-noosh') features two European designed and built acoustic jazz guitars and an upright bass, and is a winner of the “Best of New Hampshire Acoustic Act“ award as well as being veterans of the famed Newport Jazz Festival. The group tours nationally, year-round, and has released five albums of largely original music in a style they call ‘Gypsy Flamenco Swing.'This rip-roaring ensemble is a super-force of hot acoustic Gypsy inspired music, mixing flamenco, bebop, Philly soul, traditional Turkish and jazz swing influences, producing music that is rhythmic, vigorous, passionate and elegant.Ameranouche's brand new CD, Sun Shine Soul, is a collection of originals and interpretations that reflect their many musical influences, all done in their Gypsy Flamenco Swing hybrid style.
Learn more here: www.ameranouche.com


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