Thursday, September 10, 2015

Campaigning For Next Week's Primary Election

Labor Day is the unofficial start of the campaign season, and right on cue, the signs of next week's Democratic primary election are starting to appear.

The Town Committee sent out a mailer in support of its selected candidates, with a slogan of "Lower Taxes, Jobs and Development, A Renewed Riverfront, and Excellent Schools." 

Three candidates who were not among those selected by the Town Committee collected sufficient signatures to force this primary.

Hope Kasper, a current Council member, is challenging the endorsed candidates. She played a big role in the first claim of the endorsed candidates, as co-chair of the budget subcommittee in the Democratic caucus. Kasper says she "found the budget cuts, found the additional revenue, kept the general employee pension fund sound without taxpayer dollars."

Sue Wesoloski and Sean King are challenging the selected Board of Education candidates. In response to the slogan, King said it had little to do with the Board of Education, "... it appears to be directed more toward council activities - and who doesn't want excellent schools?"

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