Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hope Kasper Candidate Biography

There will be a Democratic Primary for Council and for Board of Education on Wednesday, September 16th. The Middletown Eye welcomes submissions of candidate biographies. The following was submitted by Council member Hope Kasper.
Hope P. Kasper has served the City of Middletown for 22 years working in the Planning  and Zoning Department, Building Department and finishing her career with the Police  Department as Program Budget Analyst.

Hope a life long resident of the City of Middletown has served the Middletown  Democratic Town Committee since 1998 to 2015.

Prior to her service to the City of Middletown, Hope was an Insurance Agent working for  the Robert B. Brainard Agency and Drummond Agency.  She is married and had two  daughters along with her husband Jack and they are now proud grandparents of four  grandchildren.

Hope is a former member and officer of the American Federation of State, County and  Municipal Employees Union.  She served on many Union committees including  Employee Assistance Program and Negotiations.  She is a former Union Staff  Representative of Connecticut Independent Labor Union representing 22 Locals in  municipal government.  Hope also served as Secretary and Treasurer of the Municipal  Employees Building Association.

Hope served as the elected employee representative on the Middletown Retirement since  1989 and now as member of the Common Council. She has served on the Common  Council since 2007 being a member of Economic Development, Finance and  Government Operations, Insurance and Claim Commission, Pubic Safety, Ordinance  Study and Water Pollution Control Authority.

Hope also served on the Middletown Conservation Commission, Treasurer and  Community Member of the Valley View Children’s Center and two terms on the  Middletown Assessment Board of Appeals as well as member and former treasurer of the  Center for Patient Safety.

Other activities:
Assisted Girl Scouts with crafting
Arranged social activities for the teens of ST. Coleman’s parish.
Stage mother for the Jackie Lynn School of Dance and participant in the dance recitals.

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I hope you are successful in the primary!