Monday, July 22, 2013

John Kilian: Meet the Author, "Downtown Drive-Thru"

Tonight, July 22nd, 7 pm

A community’s survival depends on the connections it maintains between its members. When inroads are built into their backyard by alien beings who do not leave their cars to get their coffee, a great conflict unsettles the once happy land of Middletown.

The trauma of modern life has brought together the hamlet of Downtown Middletown into a web of endless variety woven into a common fabric of life. Suddenly, the townsfolk see people incessantly trapped inside their cars as the vanguard of a depersonalized legion of mindless zombies, threatening to unconsciously destroy all that is good in their fair city. The battle begins, but not without the divine intervention of forces greater than man that put everyone’s best laid plans out of kilter.

About the Author:
17 year resident of Middletown. Co-founder of the Realistic Balance Party of Middletown.
Author of “Gospels of the New Nile”

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