Friday, June 8, 2012

Please Help The Eye and Take Our Survey

Dear Readers,

We take privacy very seriously and as a result we don’t know much about our readers. One of the things we haven’t collected from you is your basic demographic information. In fact, we don’t know much about our readership other than what we might hear from you if you send us an email or post a comment on an article or you interact with us on our Facebook page.   

Generating quality content is tough and time consuming work. If you feel we’re providing a quality service, can you give us a few minutes to provide us information to help us continue to build our audience and to provide the coverage you want? 

It will take you about 5 minutes to complete. The information is collected anonymously. We’ll have no way to assign this information to individuals, and we’ll be aggregating all responses into a single number (i.e. 54% of site visitors are 35-45 year olds, etc). 

 We greatly value your time and privacy. This short survey will help us grow and will help provide us with the resources to deliver to you what you want to see in the Middletown Eye. If you have any questions please contact us. Our email address is 

Thank you from all of us who contribute to the Middletown Eye News!

Click here to open the short survey


Anonymous said...

I hope this doesn't mean there will be advertising - why do you need to know household income, number of debit/credit cards, if I own a car?

Eye writer said...

There already is advertising - just one... you may have missed it over there on the right panel, because it is so unobtrusive, they way we like it. The Eye has had this for a long time. Audi was up there for a long time and right now I see it is showing an ad for Pew Environmental Group. It's just a standard demographic survey template used by the Independent Media Network. It's going to help us with future planning. Thank you