Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Board of Education Needs Parent Volunteers

At tonight's Board of Education meeting, Communications Chair Ryan Kennedy was asked to further publicize the board's search for parent volunteers to sit on BOE committees.

Parents in the Middletown School System should have received an email about volunteer opportunities, but Kennedy said he would "see about those people who hang out at the Middletown EYE" to get the word out further.

Delighted to be recognized as a way to get out the news, this EYE reporter is happy to point you to this link if you're interested in volunteering:  click here to go to the volunteer sign-up page on the Middletown Public School System webpage.

Personally, I'm astonished and thrilled at the total change of scenery at both the Board of Education and the Superintendent's office, and there is no time like the present to get in on the exciting things happening in Middletown!  Parental input and feedback is crucial to implementing positive change, so get a babysitter if you have to, and consider dedicating an evening or two a month to be part of the process!

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Jane said...

I'm also excited about the request for parental

The change of scenery is not quite enough for me. I have a state dept of Ed investigative finding that supports what I have been saying regarding the pupil service administration.

I'm hoping that Dr. Charles will meet with me to review the findings so that changes can occur to being our district out of violating state statutes regarding restraint and seclusion practices.