Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ARTFARM's Shakespeare Everywhere!

Photo Credit Bill Dekine
The global economy remains a mess. But Middletown based theater company
ARTFARM hasn’t let financial woes hamper its style. The organization’s goal of
providing world class Shakespeare to the Connecticut River Valley will be realized
once again this summer, not just in the Grove, but Everywhere!

This year, with the generous help of the Middletown Commission on the Arts and
Pratt & Whitney, ARTFARM will be presenting Shakespeare “guerilla-style” under
the title Shakespeare Everywhere! ARTFARM’s troupe of Shakespeareans is poised to appear unannounced at a variety of public concerts, events and performances
in Middletown throughout July. The actors will perform monologues, songs, and
brief scenes before re-boarding ARTFARM’s iconic green bus and setting off. Each performance is uniquely tailored to the themes of the event, the venue, and the occasion. From Occupy Shakespeare to Bicycle Shakespeare to Circus Shakespeare--
-prepare to see it all this summer in Middletown!

Additionally, community members are invited to perform with the Ensemble at
an undisclosed location on July 5th. Interested folks ages 7 through adult should
contact ARTFARM for secret details.

ARTFARM Artistic Director Marcella Trowbridge, says “Shakespeare’s works are
timeless: the circumstances, the characters, the ethical dilemmas. Bringing these
bite size bits of art to the community through flashmob-style Shakespeare is like
riding a live wire. The company is thrilled to play in these innovative new forums,
keeping Shakespeare alive and accessible- of the people, by the people and for the

At the same time, people anywhere are being invited by ARTFARM to join
Shakespeare Everywhere by performing ‘Random Acts of Shakespeare’ in public
places. Join the fun by speaking bits of Shakespeare’s text, be they scenes, sonnets,
monologues, couplets or just favorite lines anywhere and everywhere.

ARTFARM is encouraging adults and young people from all walks of life to
perform their Shakespeare in parks, on busses, at grocery stores, on mountain
tops and anywhere they dare. If you can, document it and send ARTFARM footage.
Untraditional interpretations, multi media events, dance, music, everything is
encouraged – the idea is to bring the words and characters of Shakespeare off the
page, off the stage, and into everyday life. Each week in July, our favorite recorded
performance will be awarded a prize and be invited to perform with the company
on August 5.

The final part of ARTFARM’s Shakespeare Everywhere! will take place on Sunday,
August 5th at 5 pm in the scenic cedar grove at Middlesex Community College. The
company will perform Shakespeare Everywhere: The Compleate Work, a showcase
of the various scenes for those who missed them in July (or wish to see them again!
) plus more special surprises. The show will be preceded by live music by Dueto
Luna y Sol, featuring Carlos Hernandez Chavez and Lupita Luna, and the entire event
will be accompanied by the ARTFARM Irregular Orchestra. The Compleate Work,
which will be hosted by WNPR radio personality Chion Wolf, will be a recounting of
a month of public adventures with Shakespeare in Middletown and throughout the
world. In the spirit of ARTFARM’s Shakespeare in the Grove of the past six summers,
families are encouraged to arrive early, bring blankets or lawn chairs and enjoy a
picnic while watching the show.

For hints about WHEN and WHERE you’ll find Shakespeare this summer, like us on
Facebook and follow us on Twitter @ARTFARMpresents. Don’t be surprised if you
find words from the Bard on the table the next time you dine out or stop at a coffee
shop or even in your work place…Keep an eye out for Shakespeare Everywhere.

Photo Credit: Bill Dekine

ARTFARM’s mission is to cultivate high-quality theater with a commitment to
simple living, environmental sustainability and social justice.

Shakespeare Everywhere! is co-sponsored by the Humanities and Arts Division of
Middlesex Community College. Additional funding is provided by Pratt and Whitney
and the Middletown Commission on the Arts.
For more information contact ARTFARM at (860) 346-4390, or

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