Monday, June 18, 2012

Circus for a Fragile Planet SUBMERGED! 
comes to the Festival of Arts and Ideas!

ARTFARM's Circus for a Fragile Planet SUBMERGED! would like to remind
 you of its upcoming performance this Friday, June 22nd, at 1:15 p.m. 
the New Haven Green's Family Stage as a part of the International
 Festival of Arts and Ideas. The performance is FREE and OPEN to the

Professor Offli Varminhere, photo by Ben Jordan

SUBMERGED! is a unique, provocative and educational circus which addresses environmental issues involving Water.Suitable for all ages, Circus for a Fragile
 Planet SUBMERGED! features five multi-talented professional circus performers
 who take the audience on a journey from our kitchen sink to the Pacific Ocean
 through juggling, acrobatics, balancing, comedy, stilt dancing and slapstick
 science. The hour-long circus combines breathtaking artistry with hard science
 and environmental advocacy. Lobsters dance in nets tangled with plastics,
 fish juggle shampoo bottles, water-bottle wielding clowns chase polluting 
unicyclists, and sea nymphs on stilts dance as the sea level rises around them. 

SUBMERGED! features Dic Wheeler, Megan Berritta, Maegan Fuller, Allison
 McDermott, and Joel Melendez. From our own backyards to the Great
 Pacific Garbage Patch, Circus for a Fragile Planet SUBMERGED! raises
 many important questions about how our actions effect rivers, lakes 
and oceans while also helping individuals identify ways that we each can 
contribute to the well-being of the planet's water-based resources.

Check out our page on the Festival of Arts and Ideas' website: 
Members of Circus for a Fragile Planet SUBMERGED!
Photo by Ben Jordan

While you're at the Festival on Friday, be sure to check out some of its other
 offerings! You can go to a Master Class with the Mark Morris Dance Group at 
10am, listen to the Georgian mountain songs of Ilusha Tsinadze and his band 
at 12 pm, and take a tour of the Whitney Water Treatment Plant: A Watershed Landscape (also FREE!) at 5pm.
For more information, call ARTFARM at (860) 346-4390, email or go to You can also follow us on facebook or on

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