Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dr. Patricia Charles Elected as New Superintendent of Schools

Former Keigwan Principal (1998 - 2002) Patricia Charles has been elected as Middletown's new Superintendent of Schools.  Charles is coming from Westbrook where she has been Superintendent since 2006.  Charles was also Principal at Farm Hill Elementary School from 1990-1998.  See her full resume here.

BOE Chairman Gene Nocera commented "the whole board is very pleased.  Dr. Charles is absolutely the right fit for Middletown.  She is an experienced superintendent with a proven track record in leadership and collaboration.  She will leave a legacy second to none."

Update at 8:35pm:  

Dr. Charles was introduced to the public at tonight's Board of Ed Meeting.  She was one of 19 applicants for the position, 8 of whom went through the interview process.  The search committee consisted of the entire Board of Education, a parent, a teacher, a current administrator (a principal) and a city staffer who also happens to be a parent.  According to BOE member Ed McKeon, Dr. Charles was the unanimous first choice by the entire committee.

Charles was given a few moments to speak publicly, and she answered the obvious question of "why come back?" Trying to conceal her great excitement, Charles commented, "This was my home for 17 years.  My grandchildren are going to go to school here, and you won't find anyone who will work harder to make this a great school system."

BOE member Sheila Daniels was also obviously excited, noting that she was "thrilled to pieces" that Charles was back: "This is a new day for Middletown Schools!"

Even Mayor Dan Drew showed up to the meeting to praise Charles and the Board of Ed.  Speaking during the public session, Drew told the board it "hit a home run"by selecting Dr. Charles:  "She's so well regarded and I'm very proud for the opportunity to work with her and the board."


Elizabeth Bobrick said...

This is wonderful news. Welcome back, Dr. Charles, and congratulations on your decision, BOE.

Christine O'Grady said...

Welcome back, Pat! The Board is doing great stuff!

drewniany/glass family said...

I breathed a sigh of sweet relief. Welcom back Pat!

Susan GLass
Jeff Drewniany

drewniany/glass family said...

I breathed a sigh of sweet relief. Welcome back Pat!