Friday, June 1, 2012

Corner Craziness

Until recently, it looked like the Arrigoni Bridge construction was going more smoothly than anticipated, but lately we've hit a rough patch.

Traffic jams on Thursday and Friday afternoons have become common, and locals are swapping stories about spending a half-hour getting through a half-mile of downtown. I watched a particularly tricky bit of vehicular choreography this afternoon, syncopated by horns and colorful language, as drivers blocked the grid.

Main Street parking spaces were plentiful though - maybe it's time to start offering "Bridge Specials" to encourage drivers to get off the road till rush hour clears.

Can't wait till October!


Anthony R. Lancia, Jr. said...

Time to make the box in the intersections and those caught in it during red lights should be ticketed for blocking the intersection. Common courtesy and state law mandates that you do not block an intersection. Those drivers who feel that they are entitled to not have to wait there turn deserve what they get.Not to mention the blocking of intersections impedes emergency vehicles being able to navigate through in a safe manner.

newpawta said...

I agree with the ticketing (though not necessarily cameras!). Many times I've had drivers honking at me when I stop at a green light because traffic is backed up on the other side of the (imagined) box, so as not to block it when the light changes. Weren't we taught when learning to drive that one does not enter an intersection unless it's clear to pass? Unfortunately, common courtesy is on the wane. Don't get me started on stopping at stop signs, and turning into the nearest lane on a multi-lane road! I could go on!

Anonymous said...

Blocking the BOX in NYC will cost you about $500.

John Hall said...

While riding my bike across the bridge recently, I stopped to talk to some workers who said the work was ahead of schedule and they expected to finished in Aug. or Sept. (not Nov. as originally scheduled). This isn't an official notice, obviously, and who knows what else might come up, but there are signs of an earlier than expected completion of the project.

Anonymous said...

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