Friday, June 29, 2012

Joe Flood Floods The Buttonwood Tree With History, Humor, and Happy Sounds

Last Friday night, Connecticut's own Joe Flood, accompanied by Joe Fonda and Scott Kessel, played a show here at The Buttonwood Tree. Guests filled the room to hear Flood's unique sound that ranged from 60's rock n' roll to the blues. For a low price of $15, people came to see the trio whose impressive performance had me bobbing my head along and my feet tapping to the greatly-lauded rhythm. The audience clearly had a great time, even dancing along to songs like “Digging A Hole.” Flood entertained his audience with jokes and stories of the past. As an American history buff, Joe Flood taught us how New Orleans' French and his Irish great-grandfather influenced his music. His history lesson instigated a “carpe diem” sentiment for the night, which wrapped the whole show together.
      There was never a dull moment with even the instruments being a sight to see. Kessel played on an extraordinary set of drums that consisted of a suitcase, snare, cymbals, and stack of wooden boxes. People of all ages could enjoy the wide variety of songs Flood and co. had to offer. The slightly eclectic mix of music was an obvious show of Flood's wide array of influences. Simply, there was something for everyone. Flood's strong voice and passion charmed us all with a performance I would whole-heartedly recommend others to experience.

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