Tuesday, March 6, 2012

School Board Reported To Be Discussing Superintendent Contract Buyout

Shawn Beals at the Hartford Courant is reporting that the Board is considering a change in leadership of the schools. Citing multiple sources, Beals reports that a buyout of Superintendent Frechette's contract will be discussed in executive session at a special Board of Education Meeting scheduled for 6PM on Wednesday.

The story is HERE.


Anonymous said...

about doggone time. He has been involved with to many controversial issues over the past couple of years.

Anonymous said...

Can I get a hallelujah!

It is about time that we take proactive action to get Frechette out of our schools. We have been embarrassed on a national level. His poor leadership has effected not only our schools but our entire town. BUY HIM OUT!

If it is possible send Perzan, Slade, Otis and Senges with him.

I hope that our board will do the right thing and send him on his way.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ed
I have been going to the BOE meetings for many years.I see the hartache the Smith family and the Millers have gone threw.
I also know that one female princpal has out of state lisen plates yet you chose to put her in a spot that demands a person be honset.I can believe in my hart of hart this was a good choice.Have you really talked to Miss.Miller and seen what she has agaist this person?If she moves forward with the law siut it could be even worse then what is going now.
Getting rid of Frechette can help put this behind us but not taking action agaist the music teacher and this lady should be done.She is from the south and she dosen't like kids of color or those who are different.This is why she allowed Aaron Miller to be bullied and she lost him in the school and did not call his mom for many hours.
I do relise you still have a lot of work to do but if you ask Miss.Miller she will tell you in the end Mr.O helped her son out.So please do the right thing tonight and right a wrong.Aaron should be up there with my child in June.He should have his life back.I know this child well and he was far from guilty.He was cleared in a court law,dose this man anything to you? what if this child was your child?Yes he has backers.

Anonymous said...


There is no need to buy out Frechette. Dump the zero get the tax payers a hero!