Monday, November 7, 2011

Candidate Statement: Fred Carroll - Common Council

The below information is a part of the Eye's Elections 2011 series to provide information to voting citizens and does not represent any endorsement by the Middletown Eye or any of its authors.

Hi, I'm Fred Carroll and I'm soliciting your attention to consider me when you vote on Tuesday, November 8th. I'm seeking a seat on Middletown Common Council on the Realistic Balance Party, a recently created third party line.

You may or may not remember me from "Bums with Brooms," The Homeless Report (WESU 88.1 fm radio station from 2006 to 2008), but I dare say that I might very well be Middletown's resident expert on homelessness and as such, represent a significant portion of the Middletown community.

Here is a quick review of my six campaign points and thank you for you consideration.

1- Create Designated Loitering Zones (DLZs), an area designed to be both bum-welcoming and at the same time bum-proofing, the hope of minimizing the negative environmental impact of Middletown's ever growing loitering class.

2- Brooms and chess sets everywhere especially at the DLZs

3- Free water

4- Don't sell any more parking lots for a dollar

5- Put spittoons everywhere

6- One more liquor store where the soup kitchen currently is, to decrease pedestrian traffic at the corner of Liberty Street and Main Street.


Huh? said...

Ummmm.... is this a joke?

Karen Swartz said...

no joke. Fred is actually a very smart and thoughtful guy. And this is his real platform.

Madam Nirvana (Molly Salafia) said...

Rock on Fred!