Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Official Recount Results For Common Council

The recount of the votes for Common Council did not change the election outcome, but it did alter the number of votes received by almost all of the candidates. The recount was mandated because of a 14 vote difference between Kleckowski and Bauer. In the recount, Kleckowski went from a 14 vote advantage to a 15 vote advantage, but this was because she was credited with 4 fewer votes while Bauer was credited with 5 fewer.

In the recount, two Republicans traded places in getting the most votes. Salafia originally recorded 6 more votes than Bibisi, but in the recount Bibisi got 1 more vote than Salafia.

Most of the changes in vote counts were in the largest voting districts, district 3 (MHS), district 10 (South Fire), and district 11 (Bielefield).

November 14 Recount Official Results
Tom Serra (D) 4939
Ron Klattenberg (D) 4889
Mary Bartoletta (D) 4780
Gerry Daley (D) 4676
Bob Santangelo (D) 4426
Hope Kasper (D) 4209
Grady Faulkner (D) 4103
Phil Pessina (R) 3973
Joe Bibisi (R) 3946
Linda Salafia (R) 3945
Todd Berch (D) 3905
Deb Kleckowski (R) 3824

David Bauer (R) 3809
Earle Roberts (R) 3614
Matt Fraulino (R) 3588
Ed Dypa (R) 3281
Ruthann Johnson (RB) 319
Fred Carrol (RB) 273

Election Night Official Results
Tom Serra (D) 4944
Ron Klattenberg (D) 4898
Mary Bartoletta (D) 4788
Gerry Daley (D) 4685
Bob Santangelo (D) 4434
Hope Kasper (D) 4213
Grady Faulkner (D) 4111
Phil Pessina (R) 3978
Linda Salafia (R) 3954
Joe Bibisi (R) 3948
Todd Berch (D) 3913
Deb Kleckowski (R) 3828

David Bauer (R) 3814
Earle Roberts (R) 3619
Matt Fraulino (R) 3593
Ed Dypa (R) 3283
Ruthann Johnson (RB) 319
Fred Carrol (RB) 273

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Mr. Fixit said...

A quick review of the differences in the counts between election-nite results and the recount indicates that those counting appear to have serious difficulties with 4-digit numbers; only the 3-digit results did not change. ;-)