Friday, November 11, 2011

Identity Theft: The Real Julian Schmidt Expresses Outrage

The Middletown Eye reported last week that somebody used the name and photo of a Julian Schmidt, a real person in Germany, to masquerade as a Wesleyan student who was opposed to Dan Drew, and in support of Jon Pulino. The Full Story is HERE.

The real Julian Schmidt learned about this identity theft after being contacted by a friend of Viktoria Sundqvist, editor of the Middletown Press. He contacted The Eye on Monday, asking that his photo be removed from our web site.

Schmidt submitted the following statement to The Eye:
"First I've heard about this story, I was really shocked and outraged that somebody uses my picture and my name to act political in this way.

I have no idea who or why somebody would pick my name and photo. Also I don't have any relations to anyone in the USA.

This person has not enough courage to stand behind his own opinion with his own personality.

I have no respect for people doing such things.

It is really sad to hear about such a thing.

There are some many people out there who lie and cheat to other peoples, who trust them with all they have.

Just be yourself and stand behind the things you trust/believe in."


Anonymous said...

There should be a consequence for pulino and wilsons actions. These guys create distractions away from real political issues because they can't get elected! Stealing someones identity should be dealt with as a criminal matter. I mean just watch their shows.....its a clown show! Guys bring up real issues and stop creating a fantasy world where you can bash and steal identities. Then maybe the public will vote for you! till then enjoy yourself in the bleachers while the real people deal with the real issues! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

So on veterans day this is what you come up with for an article.

Nice way to honor the Veterans Steve.

Elizabeth Bobrick said...

Anonymous 5:24 -- and to everyone who wrote in about the original story, saying "Who cares?" -- I don't understand your complaint. Steve is reporting on a dirty campaign trick. Creating a false identity in order to sway voters is serious. How many people were taken in, and had their votes swayed? I believed that this was a real person, and that what he said happened after the Wesleyan debate was true.

If you want to bring veterans in, consider that men and women in the military have fought and died to protect democracy, including the right to free and fair elections. My dad did and my uncles did, in WWII, and I'm sure that many Eye readers have relatives in the military who are proud of their service.

Steve is trying to do the community a service. What are you doing? Through the Eye, you get to use your right to freedom of the press. To do what? How are you serving your community?

You must have already been ashamed of yourself when you wrote this, because you didn't sign your name.

Elizabeth Bobrick

Anonymous said...

At a minimum, Pulino should be removed from his position as Chairperson of Northern Middlesex Community Cable Advisory Board.