Wednesday, November 30, 2011

State Legislative Districts Realigned

The State Legislative Redistricting Commission unanimously approved a plan which will give the city two State House members who represent only Middletown, a change from the current situation, where only one represents solely the City, and three others represent other towns in their entirety and only a portion of Middletown.

In the current map, the 33rd District, represented by Joe Serra, includes all of the downtown, the Wesleyan area, and about half of Westfield. The 100th District (Matt Lesser) includes the other half of Westfield, parts of South Farms, Durham, and Middlefield. The 32nd District (Christie Carpino), which is predominantly in Cromwell and Portland, includes a sliver of the Newfield Street area, and the 34th District (Gail Hamm), which is predominantly in East Hampton, includes parts of South Farms and Maromas.

In the new map, all of Westfield and the area around Snow School will be consolidated into the 33rd District. The downtown, including both the Village District south of Washington Street and the North End area north of Washington Street, will no longer be part of the 33rd. Instead, those areas will be joined with Newfield Street, the southern half of the City, and all of Maromas to form the 100th District.

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