Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Council Member Calls For Haynes Termination

It seemed totally appropriate that Middletown High teachers appeared before the BOE Tuesday night and requested the institution of a Psychology AP course (textbook "$95 per pupil").

The public session began with a recitation of wrongs by regular commenters, then segued to outraged union members amplifying the litany of what they saw as the sins of the administration, the arrival of police officers called in by the BOE chairman and ending with Council member Deb Kleckowski, calling forcefully for the termination of BOE business manager Nancy Haynes.

Kleckowski emphasized that she was not representing the Council, but was offering her criticism as a public citizen.

"I urge the members of the Board of Education to immediately terminate the services of Miss Haynes," Kleckowski said.  "We the residents of Middletown do not want a professional, and I use the word loosely, of this substandard behavior to be part of our educational system."

Kleckowski was outraged that Haynes had rejected the efforts of union members to donate sick time to a cafeteria worker who had suffered a stroke and had run out of her own sick time.  This kind of donation has, according to Kleckowski and fellow union workers, been a regular practice over the years.

"It's egregious," Kleckowski said after leaving the meeting.  "This is a human who is at her most vulnerable, and she (Haynes) denied her a humanitarian gesture.  There are no words to describe how wrong I think it is."

Kleckowski also cited the arrest of Haynes for grabbing a BOE employee in the workplace as a sign of unprofessionalism, something several union members complained about during the public session.

Board chairman Ted Raczka said that the issue of Haynes would not be addressed until a judgment had been issued by the court where Haynes' case, for breach of peace, would be heard.

Raczka himself called in police officers after Local 466 President Jeff Daniels refused to surrender his place at the public session podium when Raczka told Daniels his time for comment had ended.  Daniels refusal to step down motivated Raczka to call a recess and retire to the foyer where he called police.

"I told him to sit down and he refused," Raczka told responding officers.  "I only hope to be able to maintain order in the room, and he was inciting the crowd."

Officers warned Daniels to maintain order, which he did for the remainder of the time he stayed in the room.

The evening ended after a long executive session.  Board member Sheila Daniels left abruptly in the middle of the executive session.  When the public was readmitted to the room, BOE member Sally Boske offered a motion to have the BOE hold a press conference to support the beleaguered administration.  BOE member Corrine Gill refused to support the motion because she indicated that the issue had not been aired sufficiently.  The motion was seconded and passed by all remaining BOE members except for Gill.


Anonymous said...

The picture with the police officers is a good example of the department being out of control. Why is off. Scripo allowed to look so unprofessional? I'm talking about the ridiculous facial hair. One more example of what needs to be cleaned up there.

Anonymous said...

This BOE and Ms. Haynes should be ashamed. Touching another person forcefully should not be accepted by ANYONE! Thank you Mr. Danies for standing up for our children! I applaud Ms. Bourne for remaining professional and calling the authorities. I am shocked though that Ms. Haynes remains in the BOE and is not, at least, suspended…what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander? If we supposedly prohibit, although not enforce, bullying in the schools why should we support it at the BOE. Do we need an SRO to attend these meetings? Ms. Haynes you should resign and apologize. Not only for this behavior but for the way you have finagled the finances that affect our children. If monies are slotted for programs, they should receive those monies...especially grants. Do you not report back to the grantee how those funds were spent or do you hide behind the BOE for that as well?

Anonymous said...

I start every morning by reading your latest posts. These days I'm particularly following the BOE/ Mayor Giuliano antics and the Chris Bourne/ Nancy Haynes mess. I'm curious, why we haven't heard more about why Chris Bourne was suspended. It seems that her suspension for two days is at the root of the latest battle between the union and BOE. I applaud the Union for standing up for one of it's members, but what crime did that member commit that no one seems to be addressing? In only one post, Board of Education Business Manager Arrested for Assault, is there any mention of why Chris Bourne was suspended, "According to reports Bourne, who was suspended two days ago for breach of confidentiality and breach of school IT systems". Shouldn't we be concerned about what Chris Bourne did? What did she do to the IT system? Whose confidentiality did she breach? As a parent of children in the school system and a Middletown citizen, I would like to know.

Anonymous said...

The reason for suspension was in an article found in the Hartford Courant. Too bad we can't find full information in one venue.

boatbuilder said...

Ms. Bourne did nothing wrong. She simply followed the Mayor's orders and tried to process the payroll in cooperation with the City. The Board doesn't want any City oversight of its finances and Ms. Bourne is caught in the middle.

The whole problem is a result of the Board's stubbornness and refusal to be transparent wwith its finances. If they have nothing to hide, why won't they cooperate with the City? They're getting increasingly desperate, and it shows in actions like Nancy Haynes assaulting an employee. The sooner the audit is published the better. If nothing is wrong, we can all move on. If improper or illegal financial moves were made, fire those responsible and get some real, professional leadership.

Man of the town said...

It doesn't matter why Ms. Bourne was suspended in this matter. All that matters is Ms. Haynes put her hand on any co-worker.

Anonymous said...

Ted Raczka should resign. His comments on the Haynes arrest demonstrate a lack of sensitivity to issues of work place violence. The Board has shown a failure of leadership in this situation.

Citizen M said...

Deb K and Jeff D you are my heroes this morning standing up to the bullies. I also applaud the mayor for attempting to stop the exploits of the BOE. A loud voice is nota crime but physical violence is.
I wish there were people like you in the private industry to stand up to some bosses I've had!

Anonymous said...

Someone explain to me why my taxes are as high as the more 'white collar' communities -- and yet our Board of Ed and citizenry are publicly fighting like the Waterbury town council.

Anonymous said...

A Culture of Respect begins with the adults in charge of the school environment. No more bullies.

Anonymous said...

" Haynes position is one that has been created by the BoE, to add to the $100,000.00 a year empire they have been building.
The fact remains that the root of the problem between the City and them is that the City wants to have control of their own employees. The boe cuts positions of lower grade employeesm then hires "temps". If they save money from doing this(by overloading remaining employees), they keep the money. It is NOT turned back to the City, or used to reduce the next years budget. If the City had control of these monies, they would be used to reduce Our taxes.
The boe has saved MILLIONS of dollars in the past few years by changing employees insurance suppliers, spending way less on oil than was budgeted, and cutting positions they will not fillThe Dems and Dan Drew are keeping quiet, and defending their antics because they figure that if their man is elected next Nov. they will address it,and look like heros. THEY WILL NOT LET SEB TAKE CREDIT FOR TAKING ACTION AGAINST THESE PEOPLE AND THEIR QUESTIONABLE ACTS.