Monday, October 20, 2008

Update on NRG gas turbines

Follow-up to this morning's report in the Hartford Courant.

NRG spokesman Ray Long said that the gas turbines to be installed at the NRG site on River Road are four small, state-of-the-art natural gas burning turbines (LM6000's - GE technology based on jet engines). These turbines can also burn low sulfur fuel oil, if necessary. According to Long, these turbines burn natural gas cleanly and efficiently with "low" CO2 and Nitrous Oxide emissions.

The turbines are water-cooled and will use water drawn from existing wells on the NRG site. The turbines will only run during demand at peak capacity (as determined by the grid-regulating entity known as ISO).

Power generated by these turbines will leave the site on existing 345 kilowatt lines.

NRG would like to break ground next year, but construction is pending state DEP approval. Their goal is to have the plant operating by 2011 to improve electrical grid reliability.


Anonymous said...

you wrote "low sulfur few oil" - think you meant "low sulfur fuel oil"

Anonymous said...

Do these big power generating companies receive commensurately big tax breaks? The "power grid" needs more capacity and falling short is not an option. However, Middletown's Joe and Mary six-pack are having a hard time seeing how exactly having these plants in town will benefit their quality of life. Are the property taxes astronomical? When are they expected to begin contributing to our economic welfare? Sooner would be better than later. How long does it take the depreciation of the capitol expense for the new turbines to be a wash vis a vis revenue produced and tax breaks granted? Better than a new Prius...