Friday, October 10, 2008

Does Middletown exist?

When you go out on your porch to pick up your copy of The Courant this morning, look up and down the street to be sure Middletown is still there, because, apparently, the Courant doesn't think so. No news again today. Okay, everyone, raise your hand and say "yoo hoo!"


Anonymous said...

An outstanding question. Based on tax bills, schools and plowing, I would say there is more than enough evidence. Based on the coverage of Hartford Courant, the obvious answer is negatory. All the more reason for opening that third, Middletown, Eye every morning. Many kudos to those attending long stultifying City meetings that are so helpfully listed on the Eye. These folks can testify to the existence of Middletown! For me, the most immediate, exciting and interactive proof that Middletown is alive, is right here on the Eye.

Anonymous said...

I would do this, except I stopped getting the Courant, since they stopped getting us!

Anonymous said...

There was a wonderful story about the Civil War Encampment athe Mansfield House, and Barbara Miller's I have a Youth Center on the Courant's online ITowns. They are getting into the 21st century.

Also last Sunday in there print version front page top article had a Middletown's resident in it as well as his picture.