Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cherish the Day

To quote my 16-year-old:

"It's autumn, I love this time of year, and I plan to spend every minute I can outside."

This was Saturday:

9:30 am
Early morning in the garden, then over to Portland, where the Eggs Up Grill caters to those of us eating gluten-free.

Pancakes, eggs, toast, homefries, and a line out the door.

10:51 am
On the riverfront, where the Middletown High Crew Team just finished practice. A few team members [one of whom we know rather well] run obligatory laps.

11:55 am
In the backyard of the Middlesex County Historical Society, visiting the Civil War Encampment. My 6-year-old gets a union blue cap and tries the drum.

3:01 pm

Wesleyan starts the 2nd half at a tie, raising hopes of a Homecoming Weekend victory. Alas, not to be fulfilled.

4:37 pm
The campus at its most charming, helped along by the late afternoon light.

4:49 pm
And I thought students weren't allowed to chalk offensive slogans on campus sidewalks anymore! Doug Bennet would have put a stop to this nonsense!

4:57 pm

Walking through the Lo-rise dorms, something more in line with our expectations.

Back on Main Street

5:31 pm
Heading home with our bags from the Fruitery, filled with the first local Fuji apples and dark chocolate. 

5:39 pm

The sun begins to set. We make friends with a caterpillar who has taken up residence in our geraniums.

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Eye M said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me. thanks for the pics.