Friday, September 13, 2019

Recounting: A Long Day Affirms Tuesday's Results

All 4089 ballots cast on Tuesday were recounted today, mandated because fewer than 20 votes separated Bobbye Knoll Peterson and Gerald Daley in the Democratic primary election for the party's endorsement for Common Council. The results of the election were unchanged, Peterson will appear on the ballot, and Daley's time on the Council will end in November after 26 years.

Bill Beccaro, lawyer for the DTC,
Penelope, and Rob Blanchard,
Chair of the DTC
About a dozen people watched the recounting effort in Council Chambers, including a lawyer hired by Daley, and a lawyer hired by the Democratic Town Committee. The recount was led by the head moderator, Adam Fleming. Several people who had been moderators at individual polling places helped, the Democratic Registrar of Voters, Lisa Santangelo, and City Clerk, Ashley Flynn, were also in attendance.

The recounting effort was painstakingly thorough, with every effort made to account for every single ballot. Even after 10 hours of effort, when it was abundantly clear that the ultimate outcome would not change, the group labored to account for a difference of 1 ballot between the count on Tuesday and the count today.

The recount did not change the outcome in any meaningful way, the same 8 people will move on to the November election as the Democratic candidates for Council. Tuesday's count gave Peterson a lead over Daley of 17, tonight's recount boosted that lead to 20.

In what is a purely symbolic change, Daley's final vote count moved him from 9th to 10th place, as Anthony Mangiafico gained 4 votes in the recount.

Voters preferred Mangiafico, a political newcomer, over an incumbent who had previously been elected 15 times.

Unofficial Final results (*: endorsed; bold: winner)

G. Nocera* 2292
J. White* 2068
V. Loffredo* 2053
G. Faulkner, Jr.* 1914
D. Ford* 1872
E. McKeon* 1834
M. Carta 1695
B. Knoll Peterson* 1678
A. Mangiafico* 1663
G. Daley 1662
L. Pagano 1553
R. Santangelo 1552
S. Santavenere 1457
W. Cotten 1439
C. Mejias 1327
S. DiCarlo 1315

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