Saturday, September 7, 2019

Mayor Admits Ordering Public Works to Remove Signs of Opponents To Candidates He Supports


Disclaimer: Ed McKeon is a candidate for Common Council on the endorsed slate, Row A.

FACT: Mayor Dan Drew supports Bill Russo and the challenge slate for Common Council.

FACT: Bill Russo is the Director of Public Works.

FACT: Mayor Dan Drew exerting "executive authority" instructs the Public Works Department to remove campaign signs for a candidate for Common Council on Row A, the slate opposing the slate the mayor supports.

FACT:  The signs removed were those of an opponent to candidates the mayor has publicly supported.

FACT: The authority for removing signs, by municipal code, resides with the Zoning Enforcement Officer.

FACT: The Zoning Enforcement Officer admits to receiving zero complaints, and zero orders to remove signs.

FACT: No retraction necessary.

Conflict of interest?  In my opinion, it seems obvious, but, gentle reader, you be the judge.


Anonymous said...

It's good practice for ANY city to remove any and all signs, regardles of party, from city property, see no problem with this, other than you trying to make an issue out of it.

Anonymous said...

If it is "any and all signs, regardles of party, from city property", I see no problem with this either. The problem is if it's selective. If DPW is allowing signs to stay for candidates he supports, and removing those he doesn't... that's a serious problem.

Anonymous said...

What about commercial signs?