Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Official Results: A Democratic Sweep

The Town Clerk's Office worked until late on Election night to provide official results of the municipal election. The vote totals are slightly different from those reported earlier on The Eye, but the winners are the same. In bold are the winners (in the Board of Education race, minority representation gives a position to Cheryl McClellan (R), instead of Franca Biales (D)).

The links go to the official results in full, by district.

The turnout for a municipal election was good. The Town Clerk told The Eye that Secretary of the State Denise Merrill predicted that 25% of voters would participate in this municipal election. In our city 42.4% of eligible voters cast a ballot for mayor.

Mayoral Contest

Dan Drew 4959
Seb Giuliano 4317
Christine Bourne 172

Common Council (Note: if requested by Bauer, there will be a recount of the vote, because he lost a seat on the Council by fewer than 20 votes)
Tom Serra (D) 4944
Ron Klattenberg (D) 4898
Mary Bartoletta (D) 4788
Gerry Daley (D) 4685
Bob Santangelo (D) 4434
Hope Kasper (D) 4213
Grady Faulkner (D) 4111
Phil Pessina (R) 3978
Linda Salafia (R) 3954
Joe Bibisi (R) 3948
Todd Berch (D) 3913
Deb Kleckowski (R) 3828

David Bauer (R) 3814
Earle Roberts (R) 3619
Matt Fraulino (R) 3593
Ed Dypa (R) 3283
Ruthann Johnson (RB) 319
Fred Carrol (RB) 273


Quentin Phipps (D) 4612
Jonathan Pulino (R) 3263
Tina Mazzotta Raffa (Petitioning) 453

Board of Education
Gene Nocera (D) 5522
Ed McKeon (d) 5454
Ava Hart (D) 4693
Mitchell Wynn (D) 4212

Franca Biales (D) 4049
Cheryl McClellan (R) 3835
Tami Kapacziewski (R) 3543
Callie Grippo (R) 3486
Kevin Kelley (R) 3075
Alexander Mac Levin (R) 2608
Mark Loomis (write-in) 679

Board of Assessment Appeals
James Streeto (D) 4557
Kathryn Antonucci (D) 4675
Laura Gionfriddo (R) 3811

William Wilson (R) 3134

Planning and Zoning Commission
Joyce Rossiter (D) 4715
Richard Pelletier (D) 4650
Michael Johnson (D) 4481
Molly Salafia (R) 4033

Carl Chisem (D) 3930
Fred Terrasi (R) 3257
Ken McClellan (R) 3218
William Gregorio (R) 2983

Planning and Zoning Commission Alternates

Gary Faraci (D) 4703
Elizabeth Emery (D) 4523
Corinne Dorsey (R) 3328

Ronald Borrelli (R) 2935

1. "Shall Resolution #7-1, as proposed at the January 3, 2011 meeting of the Common Council approving and confirming the appointment of Patrick McMahon as Chief of Police for the City of Middletown, BE APPROVED AND ADOPTED"
YES 3394
NO 3487

2. "Shall the City appropriation of $13.2 million to be financed by the issuance of general obligation bonds for payment of $13 million to the Mattabassett District to become a member of the District, and to pay City administrative expenses associated with joining the District, pursuant to the ordinance adopted by the Common Council on September 6, 2011, be approved"
YES 4833
NO 2111

3. "Shall the $14,170,000 appropriation and bond authorization for the City of Middletown 2011 Road, Sidewalk and Public Works Facilities Improvement Program, as adopted by the Common Council, be approved"
YES 5505
NO 1655

Edit 6:11 AM: Councilmember Phil Pessina's party corrected from D to R


Dr. Freddy H Carroll said...

Congrats Mayor Serra!

Priscilla Harnesk said...

Your coverage of the election was incredible. I checked the Eye every few minutes to see what was happening. You never disappointed me; there was always a new post with the most current info. Great job!

Kathy said...

To Franca - I am sorry to see that although you were a higher vote getter for the BOE, the majority/minority rule meant you would lose.

Anonymous said...

Why were the three Questions not on the ballots we received at the South Fire Station, District 10? At least two of us feel disenfranchised. Did other receive ballots without the Questions?

Stephen H. Devoto said...

There was only one ballot printed for all precincts. The three Questions were at the top of the first page, and they were easy to overlook. I spoke with Sandra Russo-Driska last night about this, and she acknowledged this problem. She said the ballot was overloaded with candidates and questions, but it would have costs thousands of dollars more to print it on two separate pages.

Franca said...

To Kathy- Thank you for your kind words.

It's been a rough day today knowing that I won...but I lost.

I've had such a great experience though, and met so many wonderful people along the way (you being one of them) that if I had to, I would do it all again. I am sorry that I won’t be on the BOE because I believe I could have done some good.

Kathy, I still laugh when I think about some of your "observations". I hope our paths will cross again. I would love to work side by side with you on some other great project.


Darrell Lucas said...

Notice how Eds (D) is lower case next to his numbers... interesting.

Middletown Eye (Ed McKeon) said...

Probably just a typo. Still, in my book, small "d" democracy is so much more important than big "D" Democratic Party. So, I'm honored.

Anonymous said...

Finally, the two years of aggravation that McMahon & Giuliano created will be over. Former Mayor Giuliano supported this guy for 2 years stating he was the best applicant to be the city's police chief and then withdrew his support of him for what he found out about him and placed him on administrative leave. Giuliano lost the election because of this flip-flop of his. Just goes to show you the Democratic members of the City Council were right in not approving his appointment the past two times it came up for a vote. They knew he was not a worthy applicant to be the next Police Chief. The people who supported him like the Minority Republican Council Members and Ed McKeon must have egg on their faces now. They supported a candidate who had a shameless record as the Acting Chief of Police and as a law enforcement official. McMahon deserves what happens to him. Giuliano already received his. One down and one to go.