Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Big Yellow School Bus

Normally, a school bus doesn't ride on the sidewalk, but things were a little different on High Street this morning.

Macdonough School celebrated their first "Walking Wednesday" as dozens of parents, teachers and kids of all ages carrying yellow balloons created a "Walking School Bus." It got a big laugh when an empty school bus happened to drive by as we waited to cross Liberty Street. Suggested by Macdonough parent Jeannie Nocera, the walk to school was a big success, as parents chatted and kids found their friends. Macdonough plans to continue the walks every Wednesday to encourage kids to be active and to support a healthy neighborhood.

After we all arrived at school, it was time for the monthly SURFS UP assembly. Instead of the usual singing of the school song by the kids, the teachers took the stage to perform in dark sunglasses. Nice job ladies and gentleman!

The theme of this month's assembly was volunteer appreciation, as members of the Mentor program, Wesleyan volunteers, PTA and other groups were recognized. Two Wesleyan students, Emily Troll and Alex Hartley (pictured here with Cathy Lechowicz, director of Wesleyan's Office of Community Service and Volunteerism and Macdonough Principal Jon Romeo), received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award for their many years of contributions to Macdonough, including making cupcakes for every kid who took the CMT's!

Here's a slide show of photos from the morning, by Izzi Greenberg:


Elizabeth Bobrick said...

That's Middletown!

Rick Starkey said...

Looks like this event was a huge success. Makes me proud to be apart of the North End and Middletown. (The Salvation Army)

Sarah-Jane Ripa said...

This morning was great! I always walk to work - it was awesome to have so much company for once! I hope this really does become a regular event in the neighborhood.

Ridge Road Resident said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing this!

JAM said...

What a great idea! We're in DC visiting grandparents for spring break, and we were out walking the dog this morning while all the local kids were waiting with crossing guards to go to school. My kids actually asked why kids would walk to school instead of taking the bus, and I laughed as I replied "kids were made to walk to school, but not all neighborhoods have sidewalks to make that possible." Where's the stimulus money to put in more sidewalks so kids can walk to school in Middletown?

SAMDOGFilms said...

Here's some video of the event!

Nice walking to school with all our neighbors!