Monday, July 19, 2021

Ole! Fiesta del Norte Performs Thursday, July 22

Summer Sounds Concert, 6-8 pm
at Middletown's Spear Park

This Thursday: Fiesta del Norte!

Bring your chairs, blankets & tacos
for Fiesta del Norte
Thursday night, July 22, 6-8pm
at Spear Park,
Corner of Main & William St.

  Like its name, a Fiesta del Norte performance is a celebration.  The eyes and ears of the audience are delighted as they are introduced to the culture of Mexico through music.

   Their repertoire embraces music of the Mariachis of Jalisco, the Nortenas of Chihuahua, the harp music of Vera Cruz, & even the Marimba music of Chiapas.  And all this is played on authentic instruments such as guitar, vihuela, guitarron, violin, harp, bajosexto, trumpet, accordion, and marimba, with beautiful singing throughout.  Song translations, storytelling and cultural insights are interwoven between musical numbers.    

 Since 1984 this Hartford based group has serenaded New England audiences at major festivals, First Nights, colleges, schools (K through 12), libraries, town greens, rest homes and many other facilities. 

  A hallmark of a Fiesta del Norte concert is the wonderful audience participation with singing, dancing, hand-clapping, maraca-shaking, and the joyful calls or 'gritos' heard on every song.  Our concerts are often bilingual and designed for all cultures and age groups. 

So put on your sombreros and celebrate Mexico with Fiesta del Norte! 

  The weather for Thursday evening looks good, but if in doubt check:

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